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Croatian supreme court allows marijuana for stressed-out war veteran
Croatia’s supreme court has overthrown on appeal a jail sentence given to a war veteran who used marijuana to calm his nerves, with the court saying that his use of the drug against Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) was legitimate. Technically, what the court did was to declare the man’s use of marijuana a "meaningless act" under Croatian law, which means ...more»
Global Cannabis Commission | Vienna
Why did The Beckley Foundation Convene This Report? - The global increase in the prevalence of cannabis use. - The fundamental changes in the global situation since cannabis came under the control of the international narcotics treaties in 1961. - The lack of interest towards cannabis in international drug policy discussions. - To analyse the latest scientific evidence on the ...more»
Magic Mushrooms and the legal battle
From We just came back from the Magic Mushroom appeal courtcase in Den Haag, this morning! The state's atturney really had a hard time; even his body language spoke for itself. Most of his arguments were wiped away! He kept using examples of 'shroom incidents' that had been already countered by our scientific data; and the the judge knows so. ...more»
Bush Administration Deals Eleventh Hour Blow To Scientific Freedom
The Bush administration struck a parting shot to legitimate science on January 14th, as the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) refused to end the government monopoly over the supply of marijuana available for Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-sanctioned research. DEA's final ruling rejected the nearly 2-year-old recommendation of DEA Administrative Law Judge Mary Ellen Bittner. The prior recommendation on February 12, ...more»
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